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Repairs & Restoration


I do extensive repairs and restoration on fine instruments. Please see the rate list below to give you an idea of the investment required to do repairs. Contact me for any specific questions - photos attached to your e-mail will help me evaluate your instrument and provide you with an estimate.

Note: I recently moved and my shop will not be operational until spring/summer 2023. 

SET UP: $75 + Strings

Includes: Neck adjust, action adjustment at nut and saddle, minor fret work, tighten tuner screws and nuts, lubricate tuning machines, general clean up, restring.

NEW NUT: $55

May or may not include raw material. If your guitar has worn frets, a bowed neck, or an ill fitting saddle, expect additional cost to correct these problems. Many repairmen will not install a new nut if other problems are not also addressed.


May or may not include raw material. Same qualifications as with "new nut".


Remove and refit old bridge. Very minor touch-up included.12 string bridge may be higher.

Handmade Bridge: $200 & Up

Handmade bridges may be necessary for vintage Gibson, Martin, Guild, and custom bridge replacements.

REPLACE TUNERS: Cost of the tuners plus $50 and up.

Seems like a simple job, but can be difficult or require some touch-up.

FRET LEVELING ("Filing", "Dressing"...): $70.00 and up.

Worn or uneven frets can he filed level in many cases, if there will remain enough height on the fret to suit the customer. Frets must be lowered to the height of the lowest pit that can be found. Sometimes, replacing the most worn frets is appropriate. Includes "set up" adjustments.

RE-FRET: $250.00

Add $50 for fretboards with binding. Individual frets $10.00 min. plus leveling and or set up costs in most cases. New nut or saddle may be necessary.

NECK RE-SET: $300.00 and up.

Remove neck. Re-cut heel/body angle to correct high action. Replace neck. New saddle often included, but new nut often extra. Additional fret work and bridge work may also be necessary.

CRACK REPAIR: $20 per inch - $75 min. or by quote
(particularly for shattered areas).

Includes glue and touch-up with appropriate finish. Cleating (installing small patches of wood inside guitar to reinforce repair) as necessary. Repairs often not invisible, but finish should be level.

HEADSTOCK CRACK: $150.00 and up, by quote.

Glue, touch-up. Repairs often not invisible, but finish should be smooth.


Some warped and bowed necks may be able to be straightened by heat and clamping.

(plus the cost of the pickup system)

Expand end pin hole to accommodate jack. Wire pickup to pre-amp and jack. Fit and re-size old saddle for proper action and contact with pickup. May require new saddle and re-rout of saddle slot(additional). There are other variables relating to pre-amps which must be individually quoted. Condition of bridge and neck angle may be factors in the appropriateness of an under the saddle pickup.

FRENCH POLISH: Rates vary with the amount of refurbishing required...

however here are some guidelines: Completely refinish sound board: $350 - $500. Touch up minor dings & scratches and light refurbish of sound board: $150 - $200. Minor refurbishing of whole guitar: $300 - $500.

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