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Acoustic Guitars

by Gary Demos

My first "real" guitar was a Martin D-28 which I purchased new in 1975. I still have that guitar and enjoy it's deep rich tone. At that time it was the standard by which I judged all guitars. I rarely play a dreadnought these days since much of my playing is finger style.

Over time I got acquainted with the "OM" and "000" body sizes. The slightly smaller guitar with wider fingerboards was the perfect combination for more clarity in sound with less-dominating overtones, and a wider fret board which made finger style playing easier. I've made many of these guitars since, and in the last few years have made a few guitars with a body size fashioned after the Gibson LG-1 series. Having repaired a few of these over the last few years, I developed a real appreciation for their yet-smaller body size, and very clear tone. 

Now I am doing more experimenting with my own custom body styles, such as the double-cutaway pictured here.

Some of my acoustic guitar builds...

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