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1861 Gottfried Scherzer 10 string Magical Guitar

The following is a quote from the owner, Matanya Ophee:

This is a set of plans to enable builders to make authentic replicas of one of the most remarkable instruments ever
made. This is a 10 string guitar, with 6 strings on the fingerboard and 4 additional "theorboed" basses. It was made by
Johann Gottfried Scherzer in 1861. I bought this guitar in 1988 from the famous Russian-Gypsy seven-string player
Sergei Dmitrievich Orekhov (1935-1998). At the time I obtained the guitar, it was equipped with a neck for the Russian
seven-string guitar. There are pictures of Orekhov performing on this instrument on the old Melodiya LP where the
instrument is featured.

These plans are available for purchase and come with full prints including color photos of many different angles. A CD with photos of the guitar is also included.

The price is $100. Please email me if interested.