About Gary Demos

I've been a woodworker and musician for nearly all my life. I put the two together in 1991 at the suggestion of a friend.

Even though I have played guitar since I was 11 and won the shop award in high school, it never occurred to me to build a musical instrument until 1990 when a friend of mine told me I should build a harp. That took me by surprise - and I decided it was a great idea. I couldn't really find any harp plans at the time, but I talked to a couple harp makers and ended up designing my own harp. After making a small "Queen Anne" style lap harp from scratch, I built two 36 string Celtic harps. This got me started in instrument building, and I then moved to mountain dulcimers, and finally guitars.

I currently build and repair guitars as a serious hobby. I love working with original ideas, using a variety of woods, and experimenting. There is no greater feeling than to string up a guitar for the first time - the culmination of many hours of labor.

Please see my music site as well to hear some of the music that I write and perform. www.garydemos.com


Above is a photo of me and my daughter Miranda playing guitars that I made.

About Gary Demos