Panormo Copy

I built a Panormo copy and decided to document the build here. Louis Panormo was a premier French luthier that worked in London. It was likely that Louis Panormo was friends with Fernando Sor, our beloved classical guitarist/composer from the 19th century who wrote vast scores of guitar music that every serious student studies even today. Panormo’s guitars are credited as being one of the final steps from the earliest 6-string guitars to the work of Torres, which is the introduction of our modern-day classical guitar.

Many of his guitars had a very interesting headstock carved from maple. The headstock was made very light to help balance the guitar, thus the unique “skeletal” appearance. The copy that I am building will be made with a hybrid spruce top, cocobolo sides and back, and an ebony fingerboard.

Edinburgh University Photo

An original Panormo guitar is pictured above.


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